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Polish resources

Post by Paul B on February 15th 2016, 10:46 pm

OK, just in case people want to know, here are a few of the websites that I have used to find information on Polish trains. A lot of these sites are in Polish, but I find that Google translator makes an acceptable attempt and the finished text is understandable.

First - a useful page on Wikipedia, which lists steam locomotives used in Poland, and, if appropriate, their designation in previous railway companies -

List of steam locomotives operated in Poland

The good thing about this list is that, if you find a loco for sale (i.e. on E-bay) and you want to find if was used by the Poles, just find the designation in the second column, and then you can find all the details about the Polish version (and even if there are any preserved!)

Second, a page that explains the Polish numbering system for locomotives -

PKP classification system

Here is an interesting page - a locomotive that was built by the Americans, sent to Russia by Lend-Lease during WW2, who then copied it in large numbers, and then sold examples to the Poles after the end of the war -

RSD-1 / TEM2 / Sm48

This does show another loco that can be used for the PKP, as the RSD-4/5 is readily available from Atlas in N gauge, and is not dissimilar to the RSD-1. The Sm48 is still in widespread use in Poland, and some private railway companies use Russian examples, numbered as the TEM2.

Ok, that is enough for now - if anyone wants any more info on Polish railways, please let me know and I will see what I can do!
Paul B
Paul B

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Re: Polish resources

Post by Thomas on February 18th 2016, 8:40 pm

Many thanks for all these information. I will take time as soon as possible to visit the links you've given to us.

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