My first Polish steam train!

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My first Polish steam train!

Post by Paul B on November 10th 2015, 12:56 pm

Well as I think that I am the first person here with an interest in Polish railways in N gauge, I thought that it is about time that I started the Polish boards off!

Just some background - I have been interested in steam loco's and trains of all sorts from as far back as I can remember. My mum used to love reading me the Thomas the tank Engine series of books, as she liked steam trains too! I first got into model trains when my elder brother got a 00 train set for Christmas one year. I got a few bits for it too, but he wasn't very interested, and it got packed away, never to be seen again...

Onwards to my 20's. I had joined a local model railway club and got interested in N gauge - especially the LNER and early Eastern region BR days. However, I had started going on holiday to Poland, just after  - it was a cheap place to go on holiday just after the Berlin Wall had come down, but I also loved the country too. The food is great - filling and cheap, the drink is wonderful, the people friendly and the scenery beautiful, especially where I was going on holiday to Zakopane in the south of the country.

Now, one of the trips out on these holidays was to the steam museum at Chabówka (pronounced Hab-oof-ka.) At the time this was a small collection of Polish loco's and rolling stock near the local station. I knew very little about Polish trains at the time, but spent ages wandering round the stock there, and have quite a few photo's - which, if they are wanted, I will post here eventually!

Going on more years, I now have friends in Poland (from another hobby), and I am visiting them in Poznań (correctly pronounced in Polish as Poz-nine - but the Poles are happy with Poznan!) This was in November 2005. Michał and I were returning from a company (where he now works) which makes military uniforms, and we were crossing over a lot of tracks at one of the outlying stations from Poznań. I could hear train noises at the station, but it was a foggy day and could not see anything. I thought that it was just a diesel hauled train being readied...

However, I then heard the sound of a steam whistle - and the unmistakeable sound of a steam engine heading our way. I got out my digital camera, and pressed the 'movie' button -

Apologies about the quality - this was a rather early Kodak digital camera, but I got the video I was after!

Anyway, that started my interest in Polish trains. I got what books I could, both in English and Polish - I still don't speak much Polish but I will still keep trying to learn more! I was last in Poland a couple of weeks ago, and a friend took me out to the steam museum at Wolsztyn (Vol-stin) where I got loads of photo's and a few video's of a Polish Pt47 being coaled for her latest steam trip - but this is still on my camera, so will get it on here later!

All this has led to my trying to model Polish railways in N Gauge. There are more items being produced for Polish railways, but not much for the steam era - mostly it is modern, which I am also buying. But I do have some bits, and will start up a thread in the Polish N scale forum when I get some time!

Anyway, that is enough of my waffling on for now - hope that this sparks some interest in Polish railways! If you want to know more, just let me know and I will see what I can do! Very Happy
Paul B
Paul B

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