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Canaries Info

Post by TDM on October 23rd 2015, 12:34 pm

There are seven Islands that make up the Canaries - Tenerife being the largest, and it's Capitol Santa Cruz is the place where Nelson once lost a sea battle (and either his eye or his arm - can't remember which).

The Canaries make up 2 provinces of Spain but are autonomous in that although they are officially part of Spain,
they are not in the EEC as regards Tax & VAT rules so any orders from the U.K. to the Canaries are not subject to U.K. VAT charges.

The Canaries have reputedly the Best Climate in the World and are located 700 miles farther South than the southern most tip of Spain just off the coast of West Africa, and most of the year the Sun shines and the humidy is good (you could get sunburnt on Xmas Day almost as easily as in mid July or August).

The Canaries as a group of Islands have their own Flag (blue, white, and yellow stripes), and each Island has it's own Flag too (Tenerife's is identical to the Scottish flag - a white cross on a dark blue background).

Local Canaraian people also object to being called "Spanish" (even though the official language is Spanish), and say they are "Canarians".

The equivalent of VAT was recently increased from 5% to 7.5%, which is a lot less than Spain and the U.K. where it is 20%, and a pint of local Beer can be had for just a €1 or less in a Bar as apposed to a Restaurant.

Have met other N gaugers on Tenerife who are ex-Pats & model British Outline, but never seen a shop that sells model railway items here, so most model railway purchases are made either on-line, or when visiting the U.K.

There are no Trains on Tenerife (or any of the other Canary Islands), but there is a good Tram service in the Capitol Santa Cruz (where lots of Cruise Liners visit), but there are plans in the pipeline to build a fast rail link between the North and the South sometime in the future.

Tenerife climate wise is divided in two by Spain's highest mountain (Mount Teide), it being greener (and wetter) in the North, and more arid and sunnier in the South.

The Canaries are also a popular destination for Film Makers, with films such as "Planet of the Apes", "Clash of the Titans 2", "Fast & Furious 6"(or was it 5?), and others having been made on Tenerife, and the re-make of "Moby Dick", and the next "Bourne Identity" movie currently in production on the Islands.

#Just a bit of trivia from someone who has lived on Tenerife the past 11 years

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