Universal Accessory Decoder for Arduino !

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Universal Accessory Decoder for Arduino !

Post by Trusty on October 20th 2015, 9:50 pm

Hi all.

I want to signal here a project I 've done for Arduino, available on Framasoft to control every kind of accessory (more or less...) by  DCC, push buttons or every other kind of controler.
This project is documented on the Framasoft Wiki in french (bien sûr !) and a frenchy english...

- Controls single or double solenoids, slow motion motors, servos, lights.
- Power can be supplied by Arduino itself, relays, L293D or L298N circuits.
- Servos can use slow motions, with simultaneous work with other accessories.
- Lights can blink or fade.
- There is groups of accessories, to group some lights into a traffic light with different states, or turnouts into a bunch of switches to move them at the same time or sequentially.
- Fast IO access on Arduino Uno, Mega, Nano R3 and Mini.
- Some samples of use are in the downloaded zip file.

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Post by Trusty on October 21st 2015, 9:02 am

A small video to show the capabilities of UAD. In French, but with English subtitles.


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